A big thank you.

dilhorne shed (1) The usual suspects gathered on Saturday to remove the shed at Dilhorne following the arrival of the new container. The iconic structure was quickly demolished and all the useful timber was saved to be put to good use.

The demise of the shed had been estimated to take no more than a couple of hours, however moving the considerable amount of waste hadn’t been taken into account, the job had suddenly become a lot longer.
 dilhorne shed
A hasty rethink was needed. Not wanting to leave the job half done a quick recruitment campaign was launched around the pools for much needed help from the anglers present. The results were quite spectacular in that every single angler gladly gave up their fishing time to help. The regulars were very obviously stunned by the commitment and the job was completed in the allotted time. All of the members involved have been issued with a work party credit and our sincere thanks go to:
Phil Lewis,  Shane Potter,  Andy Stokes,  Andy Bird,  Andy Maskery,  Julie Maskery,dilhorne shed (3)  Keith Osborne,  Adam Pearce,  Ray Latham,  Callum Latham,  Mike Wilding,  Lewis Millward, Shaun Rushton,  Jason Shenton and Dan Woodcock and quite possibly others who didn’t leave their names.
Are you interested in becoming an active member of the society? We are always on the lookout for new bailiffs and members who are able to give that little bit more. We currently have around eight hundred members and the number of “regular team members ” barely scrapes double figures. If you feel you have something to offer to the society, however small it may be you will be most welcome, who knows there may be a future chairman or secretary out there.
Our next mdilhorne shed (2)onthly meeting is on Wednesday 11th May at 7.30pm when we will have guests from the angling trust and environment agency who will be giving a presentation on bailiffing and enforcement. All members are welcome to attend.