AGM 2014

A brief report of the Annual General meeting held on Weds 13th November.

At the beginning of this year we added the two extra pools at Dilhorne to our portfolio.  We have also added a small stretch of the river Sow at Great Bridgford. These three venues will be added to our 2014 membership cards.

Following the stocking of roach Rudd and Bream into Black lake, the top and bottom pools at Dilhorne received 150 common and mirror carp, these fish are now also showing well in our catch reports.
We have transferred a quantity of small silver fish in two batches into the Dilhorne number three pool, the last of these fish being moved just a few weeks ago. We now consider that the number three pool has sufficient fish, we will monitor the pool next year and given time the fish will grow on.
We have also placed orders for 240 Tench and 240 Crucian carp to begin to stock the Dilhorne No. four pool, and in addition approximately 200 more carp have been ordered for the top and bottom pools. All these fish will all be delivered to the pools during this winter. The policy of taking a small quantity of smaller silver fish from the top and bottom pools and replacing them with better quality fish will continue. Our longer term plan is to make all four Dilhorne pools into a first class top quality mixed fishery that will cater for all types of fishing. I anticipate that our stocking policy will continue over the next few years.
Last week I was with the E A on our stretch of the river Trent at Weston, when a total of 5,250 fish were added into out stretch the river. The breakdown of fish being 1500 Chub, 1250 Barbel 1000 Dace and 1500 Roach.
The same amount of fish was also added into the river upstream of our stretch, and the same again downstream of our stretch, making a total of 15,750 fish.

This year has seen new members come into the club and it is very encouraging to report that several of these new members are taking an active part in the clubs wellbeing. These guys have been working at our waters during the year improving the pegs, removing trees cutting grass removing excess weed and lots of other valuably work for us. Attendance at our work parties has increased and several of our members have also been working in their own time to further improve our venues. My thanks go to all the members who have participated in our work parties be they official or unofficial work parties. Needless to say we would appreciate more volunteers next year

Proposals voted and approved at the 2013 AGM.  These will come into effect at the start of 2014
1) An associate member in possession of two consecutive year’s membership cards, one of which must be the current year, may, upon completion of a work party apply to become a full member.

2) Any member who supplies a lead to a new water, should that water be taken on by the society, will receive a complimentary membership card for the following year. Leads must be given in writing to the secretary and only the first lead will be considered for complimentary membership.

3) Any member attending a work party will be issued with a work party certificate the certificate will grant immediate access to any newly acquired waters. Certificates shall be valid for twelve months from the date issued.

4) On any newly acquired waters access will be restricted to work party certificate holders for the first six months.

5) That the price for full adult members to be reduced by £4 to £35

6) That the price for adult associate members to be increased by £1 to £35.

7) That the price for full concessionary members to be reduced by £1 to £25.

8) That the price for associate concessionary members to be increased by £1 to £25.

9) That the price for full juvenile member to be reduced by £4 to £13.

10) That the price for Juvenile members be to be increased by £1 to £13.

11) That the higher age limit of a juvenile member be raised from sixteen to eighteen years of age.

Election of officers.
Mr. Peter Eton has decided to stand down as our Chief Bailiff.
Peter has been the chief bailiff at our club for the last 22 years.
Ian Birchall  was voted in as Chief Bailiff.