British Fly Fair International


The society made it’s first appearance at the British Fly Fair International at the weekend to promote our game fishing venues.

The shows are almost becoming second nature now and although it was our debut we were by no means out of our depth. A steady stream of visitors kept us busy over the course of the weekend and membership sales were good with interest from all areas of the country, we even had an enquiry from an angler from Iceland, the country not the shop, many of our visitors were amazed by the fact

they could join for only thity eight pounds, with most of the fly fishing community paying much more for their sport.

For the more eccentric of our promotions team it was great to meet all round angler, author, guide and genuinely nice guy Dominic Garnett and his minature military sidekick the general. Dominic was

of course persuaded to join and promised to feature us in his column in Fly fishing and fly tying magazine. For a thoroughly enjoyable read go to

Thanks as usual to the team for giving up yet another weekend and also thanks to members Dave Hedges, Andy Leigh, Jeff Bettany, Dave Rhodes and others for your kind words and encouragement.
A pat on the back is really not necessary but it ain’t half nice when we get one.