Club Match Results 2013

Members Match
Trent and Mersey Canal, Wedgewood bridge, 1st December
1st Alan Arundel (Mellor’s Tackle) 3lb 3oz
2nd Rob Mason 2lb 3oz
3rd Andy Stokes 1lb 8oz
4th Graham Davies 1lb 4oz

Members Match
Trent and Mersey Canal, Doultons, 24th November
1st Kenny Cooper 6lb 13oz
2md Graham Davies 3lb 8oz
Joint 3rd Rob Marson 1lb 4oz
Joint 3rd Andy Stokes 1lb 4oz

Members Match
Trent and Mersey Canal, Plume of Feathers, Barlaston 10th November
1st Kenny Cooper 10lb 10oz
2nd Gavin Parks. 4lb 12oz
3rd Alan Arundel (Mellor’s Tackle) 3lb 12oz
4th Andy Stokes 2lb 3oz.

Members Match
Trent and Mersey Canal, Stables stretch 3rd November
1st Alan Arundel (Mellor’s Tackle) 6lb 10oz
2nd Carl Roper 4lb 4oz
3rd Graham Davies. 2lb 15oz
4th Robert Marson 2lb 13oz.

Members Match
Trent and Mersey Canal,Burrington Drive, Trentham Sunday 27th October
1st Kenny Cooper 5-8-0
2nd Alan Arundel (Mellor’s Tackle) 5-6-0
3rd Mark Davies 4-8-0.

Members Match
Trent and Mersey Canal, Wedgwood Bridge Sun 20th October
1st Robert Marson (Fenton AS) 5lb 3oz
Joint 2nd Alan Arundel (Mellor’s Tackle) 3lb 10oz
Joint 2nd  Kenny Cooper (Fenton AS) 3lb 10oz.

Members Match
Trent and Mersey Canal, Doulton Length Sun 13th Oct
1st Alan Arundel (Mellor’s Tackle) 9lb 2oz
2nd Graham Davies (Fenton Angling Society) 5lb 4oz
3rd Kenny Cooper (Fenton Angling Society) 3lb 11oz
4th Pete Hill (Fenton Angling Society) 3lb 2oz.

Members Match
Trent and Mersey Canal, Wedgwood Bridge Sun 15th September
1st Alan Arundel (Mellor’s Tackle) 7lb 2oz
2nd Robert Marson (Fenton AS) 4lb 2oz
3rd Kenny Cooper (Fenton AS) 3lb 12oz
4th Mark Davies (Fenton AS) 3lb 9oz.

Members Match
Black Lake, Meir Heath Sun 8th September
1st Graham Davies (Fenton AS) 4lb 10oz
2nd Pete Hill. (Fenton AS) 1lb 13oz
3rd. Robert Marson (Fenton AS) 1lb
4th Alan Arundel (Mellor’s Tackle) 12oz.

Doubles Trophy
Dilhorne Bottom pool Sun 25th August
1st Alan Arundel (Mellor’s Tackle) 15lb 10oz
2nd Pete Hill (Fenton AC) 10lb 10oz.
Doubles winners: Alan Arundel and Andy Stokes.

Dilhorne Top Lake. Sun 18th August
Over 12’s
1st Lewis Millward 5 1/2lb
2nd Kyle Edwards 2lb
3rd Cameron Parkes 1lb
12 and Under
1st Dale Hudson 1lb 14oz
2nd Jonah Hughes 1lb
3rd Ben Moffat 8oz

Challenge Cup
Trent and Mersey Canal. Sun 4th August
1 Graham Davies (Fenton) 4-12-00
2 Alan Arundel (Mellor’s Tackle) 3-08-00
3 Albert Lawton (Middleport) 2-04-00
4 Mark Davies (Fenton) 1-09-00.

Jubilee Cup
Sideway (Overflow). Sunday 7th July
1 Alan Arundal (Mellor’s Tackle) 9lb 15oz
2 Kenny Cooper (Fenton AC) 5lb 1oz
3 Pete Hill (Fenton AC) 3lb 9oz
4 Robert Marson (Fenton) 3lb 8oz.

Allen Cup
Dilhorne top pool. Sunday 23rd June
1 Pete Hill (Fenton) 35lb 14oz
2 Andy Stokes (Fenton) 18lb 13oz
3 Robert Marson (Fenton) 15lb 13oz
4 Alan Arundel (Mellors) 14lb 9oz.

Committee Cup
Trent & Mersey Canal, Burrington Road, Sunday 2nd June
1st Graham Davies (Fenton) 18lb 5oz
2nd Peter Hill (Fenton) 7lb
3rd Kenny Cooper (Fenton) 5lb 2oz.

Dolphin Trophy
Trent & Mersey Canal, Meadows, Sunday 19th May
1st Kenny Cooper (Fenton & District AS) 4-13-00
2nd Alan Arundel (Mellor’s) 4-09-00
3rd Andy Stokes (Fenton & District AS) 1-08-00

2013 Club trophy winner presentations