Club Rules

Fenton and District Angling Society Rules

1. A General Meeting of members shall be held on the second Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm. The Chairman has the discretion to withhold any item of business until a further meeting. The Annual General Meeting shall be held on the second Wednesday in  November at 7.30pm. Standing order will apply ie the member proposing the motion will state his/her case. The member seconding will have his/her reason for support. Each Full Member will have one opportunity to state their opinion and the proposer of the motion will then sum up the motion.

The October meeting is the closing date for nominations, proposals and amendments for the Annual General Meeting. All proposals and amendments will be discussed at this meeting.

The vote for the AGM shall be by a show of cards. Only Full Members (white cards) over the age of 18 years have the right to vote.


3. Membership cards are not transferable.

4. Membership subscriptions are due on 1st January and expire on 31st December. Members (white cards) may renew their membership at monthly meetings or by post to the secretary but if not renewed by 1 June will be excluded from full membership.

5. Any member in breach of the rules can be suspended or expelled without redress from the Society on a resolution to that effect being supported by two-thirds of the members present and voting at a properly convened meeting.

6. All grades of members must produce a current membership card on request at the waterside, under penalty of suspension. Members not in possession of a current membership will be asked to leave the water.

7. Members must at all times behave in a sporting and considerate manner towards their fellow anglers and show full consideration for the well being of the Societies fisheries and reputation.

8. Every member aged 12 and over must be in possession of a current Environment Agency rod licence and abide by the rules therein. Members will be required to produce the said licence at the waterside when asked to by a Fenton and District Angling Society Bailiff, failure to do so could result in loss of membership of the Society
All Environment Agency fishing regulations must be observed. No rod and line with bait or hook in the water to be left unattended so that the member is unable to exercise immediate physical control over such tackle. No live bait allowed. A maximum of two rods per angler is permitted.

9. Only adult members have a right to inspect another members catch, to request to see a membership card and to report any refusal in writing to the secretary.

10. No fish to be removed from any water without the permission of the Society. No carp, irrespective of size, or any other fish over 2lbs to be retained in a keep net, except in matches. Specimen carp may be retained in a carp sack for photographic purposes only. Anyone specifically fishing for carp or pike must be in possession of a suitable landing net and unhooking mat and use of backleads is recommended when duck and wild fowl are present.

11. No member shall fish within 10 yards of another members swim, unless by mutual consent.

12. Fires, Guns, Litter, or Misbehaviour will not be tolerated on any water.

13. No member should attempt to fish while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. No food or drinks can of any description is allowed on any water.

14. All unused groundbait is to be removed. Under no circumstances should unused ground bait be discarded into the water or onto the bankside.

15. Only members (white cards) over 18 years of age are allowed to night fish (dusk till dawn) and only on those waters where night fishing is allowed by the owner. Members under the age of 18 years may night fish if accompanied by a parent or guardian who is a full member.

16. No match or competition may be conducted on the Society’s waters unless formally booked via the match secretary.

17. Winners must return their trophies in a clean and undamaged condition at the March meeting of the following year.

18. Members may be required to sign the bailiff’s record book.

19. The Society reserves the right to close any venue for an unspecified period of time.

20. Any rule made or changed at an A.G.M will remain unaltered for an initial 3 years unless the necessity for such a change is beyond the control of the Society.

21. Any member found to have litter on his peg will be required to remove it.

22. The use of suspended baits in order to fish on the surface is prohibited.
Peanuts as hook baits or ground bait are banned.

23. All OAP and adult members are allowed to take one juvenile non-member under the age of 12 providing they share the same peg and fish with one rod each.

24. Associate members over the age of 18 may night fish (on Associate waters where allowed) if in possession of a Special Permit issued by the consent of the members at a charge of £25.00 per year. An applicant must present themselves at a general meeting (held monthly 2nd Wednesday each month) for consideration.  To qualify for the following years permit the member must do a work party before renewal.

25. Any member who supplies a lead to a new water, should that water be taken on by the society, will receive a complimentary membership card for the following year. Leads must be given in writing to the secretary and only the first lead will be considered for complimentary membership.

26. Any member attending a work party will be issued with a work party certificate the certificate will grant immediate access to any newly acquired waters. Certificates shall be valid for twelve months from the date issued.

27. On any newly acquired waters, access will be restricted to work party certificate holders for the first six months.

The card is and remains the property of the Society and it may be used only by the person to whom or for whose use it was issued. Its use is subject at all times to the rules and conditions of membership currently in force. It must be returned to the Society on request and may be retained should the Society deem its best interest would be served in doing so.