Dave Smith

Perhaps our most recognisable member
Dave Smith very sadly passed away just before Christmas 2016

Dave was the epitome of larger than life, his infectious humour and enthusiasm for everything he did was evident to all who knew him, the phrases “daft as a brush” and “crazy as a box of frogs” were straight out of Smithy’s dictionary.

Dave cut his teeth with Fenton on the coaching scene and proceeded to take it to a whole new level, he gained his coaching badge in 2003 and went on to become director of the national angling academy at Cudmore fisheries. Dave appeared in the Angling press on numerous occasions and hosted his own online TV show often featuring celebrity anglers as guests all of whom would be overshadowed by his mischief.

Dave never forgot about his beloved Fenton, mentioning the club in several radio and TV interviews, he always managed to find a few hours to fish for his favourite pike at Dilhorne, once featuring on the cover of advanced pole fishing magazine after catching a twenty pounds plus pike on the pole. The headline described him perfectly, BONKERS !

A true ambassador for the sport, Smithy will be remembered fondly by everyone at the society.

Our thoughts are with Corina and the family at this very sad time