Dilhorne Restocking 3rd December 2013

On Tuesday 3rd Dec, we had another delivery of fish at Dilhorne, 200 carp, 240 tench and 240 crucian carp (scroll down the page for pics).
The carp were evenly distributed between the top and bottom pools.
The tench and crucians went into the new number 4 pool.
This year has seen our waters being heavily restocked, both the top and bottom pools at Dilhorne have had 250 carp each.
The new pools at Dilhorne have not only been stocked with our own silvers but, as detailed above, crucian carp and tench.
Black lake has had roach, rudd and bream.
The river Trent at Weston, a total of 5,250 fish were added into out stretch the river. The breakdown of fish being 1500 Chub, 1250 Barbel 1000 Dace and 1500 Roach.
The same amount of fish was also added into the river upstream of our stretch, and the same again downstream of our stretch, making a total of 15,750 fish.

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