Fish Stocks and Restocking

Fenton and District are committed to ensuring that fish stocks on our waters are not only retained but improved upon. Unlike some clubs, we have a policy of not selling on any of our fish.
Black Lake had a good head of skimmers, roach and rudd added earlier this year along with work on the water, and catches have improved way beyond imagination.
The new number 3 Finneys pool has benefitted from the nettings at Dilhorne top and bottom pool with the transfer of silver fish.
Dilhorne top and bottom pools were both stocked with 75 carp in each lake earlier in the year with a similar number planned for 2014.
Number 4 Finneys pool will be stocked towards the end of this year with bream plus crucian carp or tench, depending on availability.
Combined with the various work carried out on work parties, the above shows that Fenton and District is not only concerned with maintaining the waters under their control but also improving them.