Fishing Videos

Fishing tips, advice and how to fishing videos.

Picking a swim

How to arrange your tackle

Choosing the right rod

How to set up your rod and reel correctly

Choosing the right line

Loading a fixed spool reel

Terminal Tackle

Setting up to float fish


Plumbing up with a waggler float

How to cast a float

Understanding baits

How to feed

How to strike

How to play and land fish

River stick float and waggler fishing

Stick Float Fishing on the Upper Trent

A beginner’s guide to starting pole fishing.

How to elasticate and set up a fishing pole

Types of Fishing Whip

Attaching a Rig

Plumbing the Depth (using a whip)

Spooling up a Reel

Setting up a Basic Rod

Mixing Ground Bait

Overhand Loop and Loop

Fox Guide to Pike Fishing The Essentials – Part 1

Fox Guide to Pike Fishing Legering and Paternostering – Part 2

Fox Guide to Pike Fishing Boats and Floats – Part 3

Fox Rage Predator fishing

Fox Julian Chidgey’s Guide to Drop Shotting