Operation Leviathan Stoke


LeviathanMonday evening saw the fight against illegal angling step up a gear in Stoke-on-Trent as the first in a series of operation Leviathan visits was carried out across a number of city waters.

Police officers, environment agency bailiffs and angling trust enforcement teams joined forces in a six hour operation covering no fewer than ten venues, numerous anglers were checked for rod licences and by the end of the evening seven anglers were counting the cost of avoiding a trip to the post office, one of the offenders was also arrested for drugs offences and had a quantity of illegal substances confiscated. All seven were issued with notices of prosecution and now face a court appearance and a substantial fine.

Leviathan (3)The overflow complex was among the waters covered during the operation but no offences were recorded, a result that society officials put down to the constant attention paid to the venue in terms of club bailiffing, angling trust voluntary bailiffs intelligence and of course the work of our friends at the environment agency.

All involved agreed that the operation was a huge success and a template for future visits.

PleaLeviathan (2)se remember to carry your rod licence and membership card when going fishing, the society rules require all members to be in possession of a current rod licence and club bailiffs are authorised to check, members who fail to produce a rod licence will be asked to leave the water and details will be passed to our voluntary bailiffs.

Legal anglers have nothing to fear, those who choose to ignore the law may soon feel the force of a Leviathan.