Photography – Hold the fish correctly

We welcome pictures of fish caught in our waters and publish them on our gallery page but quite often we see pictures of fish held incorrectly.
We see many people with shots of lovely fish yet they are cuddling and cradling them like a baby and/or standing up.

When photographing fish (especially carp), make sure you have your hands underneath the fish to start, front hand near the pectoral fin just with a finger either side, the other towards the tail.
Present the fish with your arms straight out or slightly bent. The fish should be held vertically, if it begins to flap or wiggle immediately roll the fish gentle back onto your resting forearms until it calms down and then pop it back into position again.
You can position yourself crouched or on one or two knees its up to you.
Try not to hold the fish to far away from you body as this distorts the perspective and makes a fish look bigger than it actually is.
With larger fish crouch with you knees together and rest your forearms on your legs, this not only presents the fish well but also takes some of the strain of holding the fish from your arms.