Trent and Mersey Canal Restocking

The Canal and Rivers Trust a little while ago promised the club around 600lb of silver fish to be stocked into our stretch of the Trent and Mersey canal.
Tuesday 18th March they were delivered (see pics below) and both the size, quality and quantity of fish were way higher than what we were expecting.
The fish went into the canal at the Plume of Feathers and Burrington Drive.
There were no small fish at all and the fish came from a water that has not been fished for a long, long time (several years)
There were roach, bream, perch, a few Rudd and one or two tench.
All the perch were between just under one pound and up to two pounds with several at the higher end, the roach and rudd were of good size and the bream were generally between one and four pounds with maybe an odd one or two at half pound.