Trent and Mersey Canal Stoke – Wedgewood locks (all members )

Trent and Mersey Canal Wedgewood lock Meaford bottom lock (all members)

Overflow Complex – Sideway  Stoke (all members)

Dilhorne Hall Pools – Dilhorne (all members)

Sutton Brook – Hilton (all members)

River Dove – Doveridge (all members)

River Churnet – Alton (all members)

River Trent – Weston upon Trent (all members)

River Blithe – Loxley (all members)

River Sow at Great Bridgford (all members)

Knypersley Reservoir – Biddulph (all members)

Black Lake – Meir Heath (all members)

Groundslow – Tittensor (Full members – white cards only)

Strawberry Farm Garden Centre – Bramshall (Full members – white cards only)

Weston House Farm Pool – Maer (Full members – white cards only – padlock key required)