Hammersley’s Pool


Hammersley’s Pool – Ashley
Nearest Postcode TF9 4JY

This water is affected by overhead electric power cables.

Taken on in the nineteen eighties as virgin waters these three pools are now beautifully mature reed fringed and lily lined, heavily stocked with all species these pools are used as stock ponds for the rest of the societies waters, the first pool contains some very impressive tench along with bream, roach, rudd, perch, chub and a few carp that have been virtually unfished for and have thrived on neglect growing to quite a size.

The second pool is little more than a rearing pool but is fishable and has thrown up some surprises in the past including a three pounds plus perch.

The third pool is mainly stocked with carp to double figures and generally fishes very well using virtually any bait or indeed any method, this is a pool to head for when perhaps other venues are proving tricky and a confidence boost is needed.

1. This water is now available to all members. Please ensure that you follow all rules and also no swearing.

2. Fishing is strictly limited to dawn till dusk. No night fishing whatsoever is allowed. (Lighting up times as published in local press).

3. Parking on car park in field opposite fire station. No parking on the road.

4. Approach the water by recognised paths only.

5. Close all gates, tight to all posts..

6. No Dogs, Fires, No Guns, No litter.


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