River Blithe

River Blithe – Loxley

A small shallow river that at first glance does not warrant a great deal of attention, however on closer inspection is full of fish holding features and catches of up to a dozen chub in a session are not uncommon with fish running to around the four pounds mark. As with the Trent a stalking approach is recommended with cage feeder and bread flake scoring well. There are a good head of brownies that will readily take a well presented dry fly but only the stealthiest of anglers will succeed.

1. Approach the water by recognised paths only.

2. Close all gates and observe farmers rights.

3. No trout to be kept in keepnets.

4. No fish including trout and grayling to be removed.

5. Juveniles aged 12 and over must be accompanied by an adult.

6. Only full members and Associate member night permit holders may fish at night.

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