River Churnet

River Churnet – Alton
Nearest Postcode Red Road ST10 4BX
This water is affected by overhead power lines.

River Levels

Nestled in the spectacular churnet valley at Alton and overlooked by the equally spectacular architecture of Augustus Pugin, two stretches of river separated by a glorious stone road bridge.

Species include wild brownies plus masses of grayling,  Coarse fish are also present and good catches of specimen perch have been recorded over the years, dace shoals provide great sport when located and a few good sized chub have been caught from the upper stretch. Traditional methods tend to work well on this river with a trotted bait producing good catches,  the upper stretch also lends itself quite nicely to the fly with ample space for the backcast.

1. Parking on the authorised car parks only.

2. Approach the water by recognised paths only.

3. Close all gates.

4. No trout to be kept in keepnets.

5. No fish including trout or grayling to be removed.

6. Juveniles must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

7. No Dogs,  No Fires, No Guns, No litter.

8. No fishing within 30 metres of overhead power lines.

N.B. Crumpwood Farm – Downstream of waterworks fishing dawn to 1 hour before dusk only.

Alton Castle – Up stream of waterworks only full members and Associate member night permit holders may fish at night.

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