River Sow


River Sow Worsten Lane Little Bridgeford nearest postcode ST18 9QA

A new water for the 2014 season. Records show that this small stretch of river has not been fished for many years, a beautiful neglected water which was once fished by the famous Izaak Walton himself.

Roughly five hundred yards of river fishing, main species seem to be  coarse fish although brownies and the odd grayling do put in an occasional appearance and stretches above and below have produced some astounding results for such a small river.

Winter is the best time to target this water as it does become somewhat overgrown during the summer months, however, for the angler who doesn’t mind a nettle sting or two the results are there to be enjoyed.

As with the Blithe and Trent a stealthy approach is required, with these three venues in close proximity an adventurous day out can be had by the purist river angler.

This is a short stretch of the river Sow, the upper limit is self defining, there is a water inlet entering the Right hand bank blocking any further access without the use of waders and the lower limit is by the road bridge.
Fishing is from the right bank only.
Fish is from dawn until one hour before dusk.
Parking is only available by the roadside opposite the owners land, all vehicles must be parked safely and legally.
Anglers must stay within 2 metres of the bank side where practicable.

Approach the water by recognised paths only.

Close all gates.

No trout to be kept in keepnets.

No fish including trout or grayling to be removed.

Juveniles must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

No Dogs,  No Fires, No Guns, No litter.

No fishing within 30 metres of overhead power lines.

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