River Trent – Meadow Fields Farm

Nearest postcode is ST12 9HG, access is on foot by way of Meadowfields farm gates next to Heyfields nursing home, all gates must be closed on entry and exit.
Follow the Fenton signs and keep to the riverbank, much of the fishery is affected by overhead power cables but the lower half is fishable down to lakeside golf course.

Known species include chub, perch, pike, dace and some very nice brown trout along with the odd grayling, a few small barbel have also been caught over the years. Fishing is strictly limited to dawn until dusk,

1. Keep the gates locked at all times.

2. Keep to recognized footpaths, members must keep to the riverbank.

3. No Dogs, No Fires, No guns, No litter.

4. No fishing within 30 metres of overhead power cables

5. Fishing is strictly limited to dawn until dusk

6. No juveniles under 12, juveniles over 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

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