River Trent – Weston

River Trent – Weston upon Trent

River Levels

A short stretch of the Trent at Weston with high banks and little cover so a stalking approach is recommended. Sadly this water suffered a devastating pollution in recent years and lots of fish were lost as a result, however the environment agency has carried out a restocking programme with small chub, dace and barbel reintroduced to the river.

1. Do not park in front of the Saracens head, the cottages or sewage works.

2. Parking available in sewage works compound off the hardstanding pathway.

3. Close all gates and respect farmer’s rights.

4. No trout to be kept in keepnets.

5. No fish including trout and grayling to be removed.

6. Only full members and Associate member night permit holders may fish at night.