Trent and Mersey Canal Stoke – Wedgewood locks

Trent and Mersey Canal Stoke – Wedgewood locks
This water is affected by overhead power lines.

Seven miles of prime canal fishing from Whieldon road in Stoke to Meaford bottom lock. A sadly underused stretch of canal possibly down to the abundance of commercial fisheries offering easy access and hungry fish.

For anglers with a more traditional mindset the canal should not be ignored. This water has produced some stunning catches in the past, most notably a near forty pounds match winning weight having broken two inches of ice in order to fish, plus the capture of numerous specimen carp well over the twenty pounds mark, whether you are a match, pleasure or roving specialist angler the fish are there to be caught from the humble ruffe and gudgeon to the mighty carp.

1. Fishing from Stoke Basin (Bridge No 111) to Wedgewood locks only.

2. Fishing from the towing path only.

3. No fishing within 30 metres of an overhead electric power line. OBEY ALL WARNING SIGNS.

4. Day tickets are not available .

5. No Fires, No Guns, No litter.

6. Only full members and Associate member night permit holders may fish at night.