Work Parties

Work Party Dates 2018

Sun 8th April – Dilhorne
Sun 15th April – Knypersley
Sun 29th April – Groundslow
Sun 20th May Overflow Complex (Sideway)
Sun 10th June – Black Lake
Sun 8th July Strawberry Farm
Sun 29th July Groundslow
Sun 5th August – Dilhorne
Sun 2nd September – Knypersley
Sun 9th September – Black Lake
Sun 14th October – Overflow Complex (Sideway)
Sun 28th October – Dilhorne

On the above dates the waters will be closed for angling from 7.00 am until 2.30 pm.

Any member attending 5 work parties in one year will be awarded complementary membership in the following year.

Further details of all work parties are available at monthly meetings held at 7.30 pm on the second Wednesday in each month.

Any member who is unable to attend one of the above work parties should contact the head baillif to arrange a private work party. Telephone 07552 099418