Pics and results, Work Party Dilhorne 6 October

The water level at Dilhorne bottom pool was lowered to allow netting of the water. The object of the netting was to remove smaller silver fish and transfer them to number 3  finneys pool (one of our new waters). With the fish which were transferred earlier in the year, this pool should offer some very good sport.
As can be seen by the pictures below, fish stocks in the bottom pool are very good with a range of healthy fish, perch, roach, bream, carp, tench and pike in a variety of sizes.
There was an issue found with one of the pike, which had to have a trace removed. Can pike fishing members please note the information here.
The work party was joined by one of our new younger members, Lewis Millward, who certainly seemed to enjoy himself and worked a lot harder than some of our older experienced members. 🙂

Thanks to Julie Maskery for the pics below