Zander – Trent and Mersey canal

An electro fishing survey was carried out today on the Trent and Mersey canal to assess the population and potential spread of zander.

Society officials and members accompanied the canal and river trust contractors during the survey.

The survey was primarily on the Stone and District stretch south of Meaford but did very briefly enter our stretch to bridge 101. No zander were found during the short period spent on our water and no fish were removed. The survey did reveal some fabulous fish including masses of large bream, several good sized pike, carp, perch and chub easily in excess of five pounds.

Our officials met up with counterparts from Stone and District A.C and were invited to continue into Stone to witness the remainder of the survey. It was here that the canal and river trust’s suspicions were confirmed with upwards of twenty five zander removed from the canal. Again there were quality bream, perch, roach and a colossal pike but a shortage of smaller fish was notable.

At present there are further surveys planned for the canal south of Stone but we are not aware of any intention to return to our water as both the contractors and CRT are of the opinion that zander will not easily negotiate locks.